Astrology & clairvoyance

Thanks to astrology and clairvoyance, the clairvoyant is able to perceive, interpret and predict the future.

Astrology and clairvoyance: the differences!

Astrology and clairvoyance are two divinatory disciplines that can be accessed free of charge on certain websites.

While traditional astrology is descriptive, modern astrology is evolutionary. This discipline allows the consultant to evaluate his unconscious. Its objective is to use free will in order to evolve in the right direction. During a clairvoyance session, the medium captures and feels events, thoughts and emotions. By visiting the websites specialised in clairvoyance, you can contact various experts: astrologer, fortune teller, psychic, medium, numerologist and tarologist. On AngelsNames for example, psychics and mediums offer you various free clairvoyance services like finding your guardian angel using your birthdate. Choose the one that suits you and get the answers to your questions: don’t be in doubt! Internet users who consult a portal specialising in clairvoyance have access to remote services such as clairvoyance by telephone, online clairvoyance, e-mail or chat.

How to read a sky map?

To read a sky chart, a service that you can also take advantage of during a free immediate clairvoyance session, you need to have certain information such as the date and time of birth, not forgetting the consultant’s place of birth. To master astrology, you need to know that it contains twelve signs, as many houses and 10 planets. The astrological study can be done through a few combinations of signs, planets and houses. More infos on

Druidic astrology

Druidic astrology places great importance on nature elements. Originally, Druids studied astrological signs by studying the seasons, the trees and the elements of nature.

Genetic astrology

In astrology, the genethic name is a science which consists of drawing up the horoscope of an infant at birth. It refers to the horoscope or the birth of a baby.

Celtic astrology

Celtic astrology contains 21 signs equivalent to trees corresponding to periods of the year. This type of astrology is a very ancient tradition that goes back 7000 years.

Western astrology

The principle of western astrology consists of analysing the image of the sky or the position of the planets at the birth of an individual.

Tibetan astrology

In Tibetan astrology, there are ten different cycles of animals: hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, pig and mouse.

Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology is a way of revealing the personality of an individual. This type of astrology is based on 12 animals and 5 elements.

How to practice astral projection?

As explained on, an astral projection is a technique that is similar to an out-of-body experience. During this period, the soul detaches itself from the physical body in order to make a journey in the astral plane.

Astral planes

The astral plane is a universe straddling the material plane of the earth and the solar system.

Astral body

The astral body can have several meanings: sensitive soul, soul body, emotional body/neural force desire.

Astral travel

Called astral projection, astral travel is an idea that combines the dissociation of body and mind.

Astrology linked to events

With astrology, we can now date events belonging to the past, present and future. With the help of astrology, we can affirm that love represents a source of fulfilment.

Astrology linked to horoscopes

There are 12 astrological signs which are divided into the elements of fire, water, earth and wind. By discovering a person’s astrological sign, we can assess the personality of the individual.

Astrology in clairvoyance

By consulting an astrologer, the clairvoyant can discover the compatibilities, inclinations, faults and best assets of individuals. The ram evokes a hyperactive and enthusiastic person. Those who belong to the first zodiacal sign show authority and boldness. If you belong to the sign of the lion, you should know that this sign symbolises generosity and pride.

Astrological portrait

To draw up a portrait of an astrological sign, there are different elements to know: the strong points, the planet, the element, the qualities and faults, the colours, the metals, the parts of the body corresponding to the signs of the zodiac…

Karmic astrology

Karmic astrology helps to understand the life mission of the individual. This mysterious esoteric art represents a complement to conventional astrology. The study of this discipline goes beyond the simple reading of a classical natal chart.