Astral projection

Definition of an astral projection

By definition, the astral projection, or more often known as astral travel, concerns the study of futurology, or more precisely clairvoyance of the future. It is an experience that consists of the fleeting abundance of our body for astral travel….

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How to prepare for an astral projection?

Astral projection is a science that requires a great deal of rigour and caution. It is for this reason that it is imperative to be well prepared in order to succeed in this experiment but also to avoid any possible…

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What are the stages of astral projection?

Known to all, astral projection is an extraordinary experience which requires serious preparation, great rigour and above all prudence. Indeed, this experience consists in leaving the body envelope temporarily to be able to travel on the astral pan, in short…

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Astral projection: warnings and dangers

Living this experience is both rudimentary and convenient. Astral projection is far from being a game. It certainly presents dangers as well as positive points. To become aware of what one does and of what one lives is a primitive…

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