How to prepare for an astral projection?

Astral projection is a science that requires a great deal of rigour and caution. It is for this reason that it is imperative to be well prepared in order to succeed in this experiment but also to avoid any possible risks that could result from a badly turned experiment. To begin with, it is strongly recommended that you seek the help of a professional to guide you in your quest for this experience. Also follow this article in its entirety to complete your data.

Astral projection

In a nutshell, astral projection or often called astral travel is an experience of leaving your body temporarily. This astral travel allows you to see a glimpse of your future, often astral projection is considered clairvoyance. It is therefore a very delicate experience that requires rigour and caution. There are several ways to live this experience, however before doing an astral projection session, you must go through several preparations. For more details, see together in the next part the methods to adopt for a successful astral journey.

Methods to adopt

Having already been mentioned previously, there are several methods that allow for astral projection. Among these methods, the most classic is hypnotic sleep, that is to say to plunge you into a deep sleep and then make you live your dream. Please note that the methods proposed are different and depend on your expectations regarding your astral projection session. After this so-called classical method, you can also try to experiment the method of sleep paralysis, i.e. to make your body immobile at a given moment. During this method of sleep paralysis you should apply the following rules; first choose the right place which is ideal to practice in your room; after choosing the place start lying down while closing your eyes, then concentrate and go back to your day; repeat this method and feel a vibration which will separate your mind or astral body from your body envelope. Next to these two methods, there is also another method which is that of free fall, this method is the one where you feel that you have fallen while you are going through an astral travel session without realizing it. Please note that to make your experience a success, always consult an expert and follow his instructions without forgetting to let go and relax.

The conditions for astral projection

However, as it is a delicate science, it is imperative that you always remain cautious during your session. It is true that being able to apprehend the future is an extraordinary experience; however, regular astral travel is not without risk. More often than not, the practice of this kind of experience can present dangers to psychology on the one hand and to society on the other. Indeed, astral travel can cause psychic disorders related to anxiety or in another form of atypical behaviour if the preparations have not been respected by the subject. A social risk is also mentioned, as the practice of clairvoyance or astral projection is often considered as paranormal activities. So before you project yourself into this experience, make sure that you have a good understanding of the concept of astral projection, its methods and conditions to avoid becoming trapped by your own experience. Again, consult an expert in clairvoyance or astral projection and complete your data before you go ahead.
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