How to invoke your guardian angel?

Published on : 01 September 20203 min reading time

When doubts invade you and prevent you from finding the solution that suits you, it is always a good idea to consult someone you can trust. This person is your Guardian Angel. He can help you if you find yourself in such a situation. Whether you have a question to ask him or a choice to make, I’ll tell you how to invoke him. Read this article to learn more about how to Invoke your Guardian Angel!

Invoking your Guardian Angel

During your first attempts, you may fall asleep (which is normal). If this is the case, don’t worry because it’s a good sign. You will only be able to see things clearly after several attempts.

Do you know how to invoke the power of your Guardian Angel? Invoking an Angel, an Archangel or a Guardian Angel means calling upon his power and taking advantage of it by obtaining specific knowledge, advice or even information to help you get rid of negative energies.

But that’s not all… It is also possible to take advantage of their power to get back on your feet and strengthen spiritual ties with the celestial world.

Your Guardian Angel can guide you if you invoke him! If you would like to know who your Guardian Angel is, you can visit the website AngelsNames for instance.

Invoke your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel will respond to you in the way He deems most appropriate to mark your spirit. Via, for example :

  • An immediate intuition,
  • A vision,
  • Or your dreams.
  • Either way, he will answer your question.

If you don’t get an answer right away, you will have to repeat the invocation with more conviction. No need to worry. Just repeat the process the next day. Your efforts and concentration will guarantee an optimum result.

There is only one case in which your Angel will not answer your question: if you ask a negative question whose purpose is to harm others. But the fact that you turn to me shows that your soul is pure.

Summon your Guardian Angel and ask him a question.

Lie down gently on your bed and say the following Invocation:

“I invoke you, my Guardian Angel.
You who help me to lead my life correctly,
Thank you, my Angel
Through the power of the Four Elements :
Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
Hear my Call”.

Then close your eyes and clear your mind.

Your hands and feet must not touch. Let yourself go completely.

After a few moments you will feel your body becoming lighter. The more you put this process into practice, the faster you will feel this sensation. But it will take a little practice before you get there.

That is when you will need to invoke your Guardian Angel and ask your Angel a question.

Invoking your Guardian Angel – How do you communicate with your Guardian Angel?

The question you wish to ask your Guardian Angel must be clear in your mind. You must be prepared to receive an answer from her. This will enlighten you.

Formulate the question aloud, whisper it or ask it mentally. It is as you feel in the moment. Then wait calmly for your Guardian Angel’s answer.

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