How to calculate your Chinese ascendant?

Published on : 01 September 20204 min reading time

Unlike other types of astrology, the Chinese sign of the hour generally concerns your deepest ambitions. Knowing and discovering your Chinese sign of the hour has become fashionable nowadays for the discovery of your deepest desires. To do this, like the study of western astrology, you need to know how to calculate your Chinese ascendant. For even more details, follow the following paragraphs.

The Chinese ascendant

Having already been defined above, the Chinese ascendancy or Chinese sign of the hour consists in knowing and discovering yourself, i.e. your ambitions for the present or for the future, your behaviour in relation to your current situation. The calculation of the Chinese ascendancy is done as follows: in principle, the calculation of the Chinese ascendancy is done in two steps according to your year of birth; for the year 1945 to 1976, you have to subtract one hour to calculate your Chinese time sign; and for the year 1976 to today, you have to subtract two hours for those born in summer time and one hour for those born in winter time; and finally you have to add eight hours to your result. Here is an example to illustrate what has been said, for example you were born at 1.50 am on January 23rd 71, you must first subtract one hour because your birth is between 1945 and 1976 at the time of winter time, then add 8 hours so you will get 8.50 am which is a dragon ascendant. It is now up to you to do your calculation and discover your Chinese time sign. For more information on your ascendant follow the notes below.

The basis of Chinese ascendants

The Chinese ascendant is the more in-depth version of the Chinese horoscope. That is to say, discovering your Chinese sign of the hour allows you to make an in-depth study of your Chinese astrological sign. Note that Chinese astrology and Chinese ascendant are two different concepts, the first represents your appearance while the second is much more in-depth. The Chinese ascendant, like Chinese astrology, is represented by the twelve animals that have received the blessing of Buddha. Namely, the rat; the buffalo; the tiger; the hare; the dragon; the snake and many others. Now that you know all the essentials about the famous Chinese ascendant, take advantage of this opportunity to discover your Chinese sign of the hour.

Some examples of Chinese ascendants

Already mentioned previously, there are twelve Chinese ascendants, to help you discover your ascendant here are a few examples. For example, according to your calculation, if your birth time is between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am you have the rat as your ascendant, who according to premonitions are those who have the need and the deep desire to study; to succeed. In short, the rat ascendant is a resourceful person, he is the one who loves a challenge. Still from your calculation, if your birth time falls between 05:00 and 07:00 you have as ascendant the hare, it is the one who prefers calm, luxury. You are also a calculator, discreet and polite, you are a person you can trust. If your result falls between 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm, your Chinese sign of the hour is the monkey; the monkey is a person who cannot be influenced, i.e. a person with character, which is what fascinates those around you; he is also an active person who is ready to overcome and surpass all existing difficulties, for these people there are only solutions. In short, the Monkey Ascendant is those who are serious and optimistic. So you have all the tricks to discover and calculate your Chinese ascendancy so don’t hesitate to live your own experience.

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