Reading a sky map

Published on : 01 September 20204 min reading time

The sky map is a tool for finding your way around the sky. It shows a well-defined geographical location in relation to the different planets, the solar system, the moon, the stars, and the stars of all categories. It is collected in two versions: the online version and the paper version.

A sky map: let’s see how it works?

The online version is easier to handle, in the sense that the information is shown on the fingertips. In time and space, you are informed about what is happening in the sky at the moment. Your machine is also set up under the influence of the time zone. Up there, you don’t need to calculate the time difference. Equipped to satisfy your research needs, this device also allows you to discern planets and stars in relation to others. Although the earth rotates on itself, you don’t have to wait for this rotation. You can set the time in your own way. Like any machine, this device can have unpleasant surprises: a discharged battery, a machine malfunction, network problems… However, the online version of the sky map is modular, easy to set up and even better, you can navigate from one star to another, as on a star to another, and so on.

The paper version on A 3 or A4 can be consulted at any time. However, it may deteriorate over time. For a wide view, it is less practical since the results may look different. There are no definite results. It’s all about movement. If you use it too much, the map could get damaged and indicate “wrong roads”, which is not desirable when travelling in the sky. For precise landmarks, it is possible that you could get lost in the middle of observation and no longer know which path to take? On the positive side, the paper version of the sky map, the battery is continuously charged. Tangible, this map is accessible to the general public with an operational result.

It is necessary to stress that nothing is fixed in astrology. We talk about movement. Everything can change from one moment to the next. Advice: don’t be too square!

Sky chart vs. horoscope

The horoscope is in close collaboration with the natal chart. Why is this? The field of definition includes the stars, the planets, the movement of the earth… in short, the entire universe. When we talk about horoscopes, we can’t avoid astrology… Horoscopes almost seduce mankind. On television, in social networks and in everyday life, you can no longer do without horoscopes. All social classes are affected. It’s absolutely amazing! Did you know that in reading the stars, subjectivity is de rigueur? You give priority to your intuition, then depending on the sensitivity of the person you’re talking to, you play the cards on your nerves. The sky chart horoscope is easy to handle according to a few principles. How does it work? In astronomy, it is crucial to have a point of reference. For a sky chart, let’s agree that it is the “night sky version”. Let’s be logical, the night is the best time to appreciate the stars, the different planets, and everything that goes with them.

How do you read a sky map?

Stand well behind your camera and start with the easiest. It is true that some stars are not visible to the naked eye. However, from a landmark, observe step by step the content of the universe: the different galaxies, the stars, the planets,… You can’t see everything at once. Try to persevere to appreciate them from one day to the next. Give yourself time. Interpret little by little. See what it does for you. Also be aware that, in interdependence with the movement of the earth and the time difference, a star that is visible in winter may be invisible in summer. The one you contemplated yesterday may disappear today or tomorrow. In addition, constellations can be recognised at first glance, for example the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. How do you spot them? Simply from a sky map, depending on the date of your observation. Remember, it’s all about movement. Stay connected!

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