Planets and Chinese astrology

Like all horoscopes, Chinese astrology reveals a lot about your personality from the planets it studies. That is to say that the premonition which derives from Chinese astrology emerges from the study of many celestial bodies which are one hundred and eight in number, including the planets; the stars and of course other bodies. For more in-depth details, follow the following paragraphs.

Chinese astrology

By way of a little history, the Chinese horoscope was born from a legend about the death of Buddha, where before his death he blessed twelve animals to serve as the basis for the Chinese astrological sign. So to find out your astrological sign, consult the chart of celestial signs or consult a book on Chinese horoscopes on the Internet. Unlike Western astrology, Chinese horoscopes or Chinese astrology studies several groupings of celestial bodies, whereas Western astrology is limited to studying a dozen planets to predict your personality. Note that these two types of astrology are complementary. Chinese astrology is divided into the twelve Chinese signs, which include 27 stars. For even more information, let's look at the evolution of Chinese astrology.

The evolution of Chinese astrology

First of all, the particularity of Chinese horoscopes compared to other types of astrology should be underlined. This peculiarity resides in the reference bases which have already been mentioned above. Chinese astrology comes from a grouping of twelve animals specially selected from the legend of Buddha. But also, the Chinese horoscope is based on the lunar cycle, while Western astrology is based on the solar cycle. Over time, the influence of the celestial bodies on the personality begins to reach each individual, inducing them to believe all forms of astral premonition, whether Chinese or Western. It is precisely for this reason that Chinese astrologers deepened their studies of astral bodies to discover the mysteries of human life. For example, to know what destiny holds in store; to discover the future and many others. It should be noted that each star has its own study and a multitude of schemes for the understanding of human life. The discovery of your Chinese planet implies a thorough research and good calculation to get the real result. Above are some examples of Chinese stars to understand and discover your personality.

Planets and Chinese astrology

In principle, the stars or planets are defined as the basis of human destiny in Chinese horoscopes. Each star plays a role in human life, for example, when we speak of love we refer to the star Dao Hoa; as far as finances are concerned, the star concerned is that of Loc Ton and many others. However, it could be that a star can represent only one prediction pattern, others two or three or even a whole multitude of premonition patterns which cannot exceed nine patterns. These calculated predilections influence individuals and lead them to create a special denomination, e.g. the planet Uranus is called the servant of heaven; the planet Mercury has become the dance; Pluto is called the door of mourning and so on according to their actions on human life. It should be noted that the planets have astronomical names and symbolic names. In order to calculate and know your Chinese star, you need to establish twelve boxes on a piece of paper by inserting information essential to the discovery of your planet. In these twelve boxes you will then insert the stars with their astronomical and symbolic names. It is then up to the astrologer to determine your star's position and its effects on your person. You now have in your possession the essential elements to discover your favourite planet, so don't hesitate to consult an astrologer to live this experience.
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