How to calculate?

How to invoke your guardian angel?

When doubts invade you and prevent you from finding the solution that suits you, it is always a good idea to consult someone you can trust. This person is your Guardian Angel. He can help you if you find yourself…

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How to calculate your Chinese ascendant?

Unlike other types of astrology, the Chinese sign of the hour generally concerns your deepest ambitions. Knowing and discovering your Chinese sign of the hour has become fashionable nowadays for the discovery of your deepest desires. To do this, like…

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Planets and Chinese astrology

Like all horoscopes, Chinese astrology reveals a lot about your personality from the planets it studies. That is to say that the premonition which derives from Chinese astrology emerges from the study of many celestial bodies which are one hundred…

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Discover your year in Chinese zodiac signs

As a basic principle, the Chinese Year begins in February on the occasion of the Chinese New Year celebration. The reference animal for the coming year is determined on this day. In order to be able to determine the animal…

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Reading a sky map

The sky map is a tool for finding your way around the sky. It shows a well-defined geographical location in relation to the different planets, the solar system, the moon, the stars, and the stars of all categories. It is…

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