Angels and Astrology: the link between them

You may not know it, but astrology and angels are very closely linked. You could say that they collaborate in a certain way. Indeed, each angel works in connection with the energy of 2 planets: - A main planet corresponding to the angelic choir of which he is a part; The 72 angels are divided into 9 choirs within spheres of Light called Sephirot (sephira in the singular). Each Sephira is governed by an Archangel and associated with a planet. The 9 Sephirot (from 1 to 9) are thus correlated to the planets in the following order: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon (note that Pluto does not participate in this distribution). - A secondary planet - from Uranus to the Moon - corresponding to the rank of the angel in his Sephira (from 1 to 8).

The guardian angels and the planets

The guardian angels are thus associated, in groups of 8, to a main planet (from Neptune to the Moon) and, individually, to a complementary planet (from Uranus to the Moon). Check for more about angel names. To help you better understand this division, here is how the first 8 angels of the Zodiac are distributed: Sephira n° 1 = angels from 1 to 8 Main planet: Neptune Angel n° 1: secondary planet Uranus ; Angel n° 2 : secondary planet Saturn; Angel n° 3 : secondary planet Jupiter; Angel n° 4 : secondary planet Mars ; Angel n° 5 : secondary planet Sun ; Angel n° 6 : secondary planet Venus ; Angel n° 7 : secondary planet Mercury ; Angel n° 8: secondary planet Moon. The second astrological correlation with angels is their period of "regency". Indeed, each angel governs a part of the zodiac according to a very precise triple calendar. On the physical level, the 72 angels regent in turn 5 successive degrees of the zodiac (i.e. approximately 5 days), thus covering the entire zodiacal wheel (72 x 5° = 360 degrees). The angel who regents the degree where our native Sun is located is called the guardian angel. Thus, angel no. 1 is the guardian angel of all people whose natal Sun is between 0° and 5° of Aries. Similarly, angel n°2 is the physical angel of degrees 5 to 10, etc. Etc... The 72 angels also intervene on an emotional level at the rate of 1 degree of the zodiac (i.e. a little more than 24 hours), 5 times a year. This second distribution again covers the entire zodiac, but at a faster rate (72 x 1° x 5 = 360°). The angel who governs the zodiacal degree of our native Sun is called our angel of the heart (or angel of the soul). Thus, angel n°1 is the angel of the heart of people whose natal Sun is situated between 0 and 1° of Aries, 12 to 13° of Gemini, 24 to 25° of Leo, 6 to 7° of Scorpio and 18 to 19° of Capricorn. A third chronological division of the angels is made at the level of the 24 daily hours (corresponding to approximately 1 degree of the zodiac). Each angel thus regents 20 minutes in a day (72 x 20 mn = 1440 mn, i.e. 24 hours). On a daily level, the 72 angels have a spiritual mission. The angel corresponding to the time of our birth is called the angel of the spirit (or angel of destiny). Thus, angel n°1 is the spiritual angel for the period from 0:00 to 0:20; angel n°2, covers the next 20 minutes. Etc...

How can we work with angels in relation to our astrological chart?

The angelic approach can shed additional light on astrology from a spiritual point of view. Indeed, the vibrations of the 72 angels represent different facets of the higher consciousness which are expressed on the 3 planes of our existence: body, soul and spirit. By connecting ourselves in consciousness to these vibrations, we can reconnect with the qualities in potential within our being and thus favour the path towards our own essence. Like our natal chart in astrology, our angelic chart serves as a reference for our whole life. It is like a spiritual identity card linked to our life mission. Our solar angelic chart (TA) is composed of the 3 angels we described above: - our guardian angel (angel of the physical plane) in relation to our character traits, our way of understanding life, the types of experiences we will encounter, the challenges we have to face; - our emotional angel (or angel of the heart) corresponding to our emotional tendencies, our deepest aspirations and the expression of our soul's qualities; - our angel of the spirit (or angel of destiny) revealing our life mission. Angels are vectors of pure energy and, in this sense, the qualities corresponding to each of our 3 birth angels are like beacons that point to our highest potential. But each angelic quality carries within it a "distortion" that represents our part of the Shadow as a human embodied in duality. By studying the various distorted aspects associated with our angels, we can consciously identify and correct our less luminous tendencies. Furthermore, by identifying the 5 astrological degrees of regency of our angel of the heart and linking them 2 to 2, we obtain a pentagram in which a 5-pointed star called the Flaming Star is inscribed. It is the esoteric symbol of the Creator Man in harmony with the Universe. This symbol at the heart of our birth chart reveals the qualities and gifts that we can develop in order to manifest our greatest potential. Our 3 birth angels accompany us daily in the different aspects of our life. But we can also work with all the other angels of the zodiac. Here is how. By identifying the angels corresponding to the major points of our astrological chart, in particular the regent angels of the degrees where the planets and sensitive points are located (lunar knots, black moon, angles of the chart...). For example, the physical angel and the emotional angel of the zodiacal degree of our Moon can help us to better understand our instinctive reactions, our inner world, our experiences related to our sensitivity... and also to discover the hidden potentials of our feminine part. This can be particularly useful when our planets receive aspects of tension or are unobserved (Singleton), or for a planet located in an intercepted sign. This degree-angel correlation can also be used in an advanced theme, a solar revolution or for a particular transit. The field of exploration is therefore vast. As in astrology, everything is then a matter of interpretation and feeling. We can also choose to work daily with the regent angels of the period. The reference to the qualities and distortions of the angels of the day (physical angel and angel of the heart) allows us to become aware of our difficulties in relation to the themes concerned. Very often, working with angels brings to light less glorious aspects of us by amplifying them to make them more aware. In this way, the angel brings us a precise light that we can integrate in a concrete way into our lives. It is a very fine and instructive work of self-knowledge. We can also associate angels with the lunar cycle as I proposed in my article on the new moon of March 24, 2020. The theme of the monthly New Moon allows us to understand the spiritual foundation of each lunar cycle. And each stage of the cycle can also be correlated to the Moon Angel in transit. These are some of the possibilities of association between the stars and the angels... It is by experimenting that the relationship with the celestial messengers is built to become a powerful beacon that illuminates and guides our journey. So good connection to your angels and beautiful angelic experiences.
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