Skeptics and Disbelievers of Astrology

The skeptics and disbelievers of Astrology, time and again, emphasize that horoscope interpretation are so general they may well apply to almost any person. In addition to that, they also say that general public will try to find what they want to envision and pay no attention to the things that for them, does not seem relevant. As a result the general public fool themselves in to believing that horoscope readings are specific and accurate. The skepticism and disbelief would in all probability be rationalized if the disbeliever will truly look at a real horoscope reading made by an experienced professional astrologer that will use the distinctive time and place of birth of a person. But in this second part of the series, we'll take a quick look at an example of how a disbeliever of Astrology can arrive to a false assumption and continue pronouncing that Astrology is just a lot of nonsense - by NOT using a bona fide horoscope reading to verify his argument. Astrology may possibly gave birth to Astronomy. There is nothing mystical on the subject of casting a horoscope. The majority of it is made in accordance with the precise astronomical and mathematical rules. Lots of prominent and well known scientists have been into Astrology, such as Tyco Brahe, Karl Jung, Kepler, Huxley, and Copernicus. While a majority of others remain anonymous. Even though astrology will always have its share of skeptics, some of them should also take into account some of the following before making up their opinions. Astrologers do not necessarily believe in destiny. A vast majority of them believe that the stars impel not compel. There are more than 10,000 enthusiastic compensated Astrologers and countless horoscope aficionados. There are hundreds books on the subject matter. Only a small percentage of the general population actually believes that there can't be anything to it. Several astrologers believe in a natural synchronicity connecting the stars and events. Other nations set even more importance in it. It is an undisputed scientific actuality that the planets have a considerable magnetic, gravitational and electromagnetic impact on earth. Most of the general population concurs that peculiar behavior have the tendency to peak on full moons. The large majority of those who look at their individual chart (not just those horoscope readings found on newspaper articles but also on books and magazines) come across unexplained precise and accurate hits.
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