Astrological Predictions

Even though it may come as a revelation to those who strongly believe in astrological predictions, expert astrologers say that astrology can not make “precise” and “accurate” forecast of the future. Astrology can only convey the propensities of one’s future. Numerous opinions have cropped up regarding astrological predictions. These views and opinions of astrological predictions are by large divided, depending on how an individual would look at them or on the misconception of the true nature of the works of astrology. Say for example, a particular astrologer would tell you that next Wednesday, you will trip and fall accidentally against a fire hydrant, thereby breaking your elbow while you were walking on your neighborhood. On the other hand, no such astrologer would make that kind of prediction. And why is that? It is because that type of prediction is quite a precise prediction. Astrologers would more likely say predict something less precise, much like making a statement of certain things like advising you to be more careful the next week or predicting some things that have increased probability of occurring. The true strength of astrological prediction lies on not telling you what is about to occur, its true strength is to reveal to you the probabilities of types of events that is about to happen. That is astrological predictions is not capable of predicting the exact and precise occurrences that is about to happen. Bear this in mind, astrology is not used to reveal or forecast the future. Its primary function is to help one have some additional insight and perceptions of the patterns and directions that one must take in order to live a better life. Remember, astrology must not be regarded as absolute; rather, it must be regarded as an indicator. You can do whatever you want, remember, your actions can greatly affect your future. If you don’t like the things that are written or said on your astrological chart, only you are able to change all that. Astrological predictions may and can give you insights of your probable destiny, however, that insight has numerous variables and factors that are quite confusing. The variables and factors may include the decisions that you have selected. Keep in mind that astrological predictions are never wrong, only the individual’s interpretation of the prediction may deem it to be wrong. Also, do not regard them seriously. It is highly recommended that you regard astrological predictions as a source of amusement and diversion of your routine, mostly because they can create anxiety.
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