Definition of an astral projection

By definition, the astral projection, or more often known as astral travel, concerns the study of futurology, or more precisely clairvoyance of the future. It is an experience that consists of the fleeting abundance of our body for astral travel. For more detailed information, we are going to see together throughout this article the essentials about astral projection.

An experience out of the ordinary

Having already been mentioned previously, astral projection is a journey that allows us to live extraordinary experiences. This experience gives us a glimpse into our future, i.e. astral travel allows us to see and understand our destiny long before it is realised. Indeed, most often astral travel or astral projection takes place at night during our sleep where our mind leaves our body temporarily to travel into the future, that's why you often have inexplicable dreams for example the one where you dream of falling, it is astral travel. Nowadays, thanks to the evolution of science, there are professionals who can help to make astral travel while being conscious using dream control methods. These methods depend on your faith in clairvoyance. For in-depth details on these different methods, don't miss the other paragraphs of this article.

Principles of astral projection

There are several ways to experience astral projection. Among these methods, the most used, the simplest and the easiest is the one with the light off, body lying down with your arms close together, you must relax and empty your mind; then you must imagine your astral body in this case your mind, your soul taking the shape of your body floating in your room; then you must turn and look down while trying to perceive your body lying on the bed. If you can see it you must continue to float around your body while doing poses that you like, that is what astral travel is, or if you want to call it clairvoyance as well. Let yourself be tempted by the experience and give it a try! However, this experience requires caution because you have to empty your mind to be able to return to your body after the experience. You must also think positively during your transition. It could be that during your experience you will feel afraid or even feel lost, don't panic, you just need to think very hard about your body to be able to get back into it. For your information most of your dream involves astral travel, below are some clues to help you talk about the existence of astral projection.

The astral projection clues

Astral projection or astral travel is most often interpreted by a dream. However, it should be pointed out that dreams are not easily distinguished from the existence of astral projection, but there are clues that determine that the dream is an astral journey or clairvoyance of the future. Among these clues we can talk about dreams in which you have forgotten its beginning, especially as in the case of projective catalepsy which keeps your body immobile yet you are conscious, during this time you can neither speak nor move, it is a sign of astral travel; there are also other clues such as the vibratory state, it is the moment when you feel strong vibrations in all the organs of your body where you feel full of energy; it is also a sign of astral travel. Now you have the essentials on the concept of astral projection, it's up to you to live the experience.
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