What are the stages of astral projection?

Known to all, astral projection is an extraordinary experience which requires serious preparation, great rigour and above all prudence. Indeed, this experience consists in leaving the body envelope temporarily to be able to travel on the astral pan, in short it is an out-of-body experience. This experience is often invoked at the time of your imminent death, but today it is now possible to live this experience voluntarily and consciously, that is to say with full knowledge of the facts. For more in-depth details, follow the following paragraphs of this article which are dedicated precisely to share with you the different steps to follow in order to achieve your clairvoyance.

The emptiness of mind

Before your astral journey, he will give you expert advice to avoid all kinds of risks. Often among his expert advice, in order to perform astral projection, it is imperative to clear your mind; that is to say, to prepare your mind and body at the same time. This step consists of abandoning yourself completely from reality by taking a moment of relaxation, the ideal is to do this experience in the morning. Relaxation is a sine qua non condition for a successful astral journey, to this end you must choose the right place in your home, this place must be calm and reflect peace. Afterwards, you should remove all elements that may disturb your relaxation and then lie down, preferably on your back, close your eyes and let go of your thoughts while concentrating on your body. The aim of this first step is to reach the state of complete mediation. During this stage make sure that all your muscles are relaxed before moving on to the second stage which is the separation of soul and body.

The separation of the soul from the body envelope

In this second stage you must reach a hypnotic state, that is to say, you must completely separate your soul from your bodily envelope, letting your body and mind come closer to sleep while remaining conscious, that is to say, you must find yourself between waking and sleeping in order to reach the hypnotic state required by astral projection. In order to be able to hypnotize yourself, keep your eyes closed, let your mind gradually detach itself from a part of your body, also keep your concentration until you can see with your closed eyes that part of your body. Use your mind to contract this part of your body without moving, do this until you feel it real and develop this process throughout your whole body. Then enter a state of vibration which indicates that your soul is beginning to leave your body; above all, do not panic to keep your state of mediation. Then try now to move your body mentally if you succeed your experience is successful. Note that this step requires a lot of training to achieve this result and to be able to experience a good astral journey.

Astral travel par excellence

These two stages mastered, adopt this third stage to live the best of astral projection. This step consists in visiting other rooms than the one where your physical body is lying down, to do so, you have to concentrate on an object in another room, remember its details to the maximum for example its colour, its shape and its size. Then go back to your body and go into the room and check the details you have noticed for yourself. You can also venture to other places. Note that you should always find yourself between waking and sleeping to make it easier for your soul to regain your body. Now you know all the essential points for astral travel, don't wait any longer and experiment with caution.
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