Basic Facts of Tropical astrology

Tropical astrology is a form of astrology that is based on a zodiac whose points of position are the tropics. Tropical astrology is based on the theory that early astrologers distinguished the star signs in accordance with the time of…

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Chinese astrology

Astrology is a divinatory practice that has been widespread in many cultures for centuries, and has a special place in countries such as China. Astrology has been practised in China since the time of the ancient empires until today, when…

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Tibetan astrology

The calculation of energy which is karma and the influence of Chinese astrology make up Tibetan astrology. The relationship between the human being and Nature is also present in this form of astrology. Questions then arise about the origin and…

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Celtic astrology

Before the birth of Christianity, Celtic civilisation flourished and with it Celtic astrology. Created around 1000 BC, Celtic astrology was practised by the Druids. Today, the Druids are considered to be a type of ancient Celtic hippie, but they were…

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The practice of Western astrology

The practice of astrology has existed in various forms for thousands of years. About 2000 years before our era, our ancestors observed, studied and mapped the movement of constellations of stars and planets as these celestial bodies appeared to rise…

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