Aztec, Tibetan, African, Kabbalist…the different astrologies around the world…

Astrology is the science that studies the influence of the stars on the character or destiny of mankind. Astrology in the world differs from country to country. Astrology is connected to a spirit of benevolence.

The best known astrologies

Have you ever heard of Druidic astrology? Chinese or African astrology? Or kabbalistic astrology? Certainly, you have heard of them. The practice? No ? How does it work? The answer right away! Druidic astrology is designed to determine the temperament and characteristics of the speaker. Astrologers work with trees and the seasons. They define thirteen signs joining thirteen sacred trees such as oak, hawthorn, alder, rowan,... Chinese astrology comes from an ancestral calendar summarising the twelve Chinese signs: Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Rooster, Dog,... It is obvious that every human race corresponds to the positive or negative character of these animals. Chinese astrologers determine this from the date of birth. African astrology: starting from the twelve months of the year, the influence on the character and destiny of man is linked to his environment, his contacts and the good sense of life. However, the prediction of a better future is very much in demand. Kabbalistic astrology? Of Hebrew origin, this practice remains unconditional and complicated. Following the principles of infinite calculation, it has become an art. The kabbalistic horoscope begins with the 12 sons of Jacob. Each of the twelve tribes carries a constellation, then each sign is attributed to a letter of the alphabet. A Kabbalistic astrologer makes his prediction in the shade, away from people with bad intentions: for the practitioner and his interlocutor.

What about other horoscopes?

Both tyrannical and benefactor, the horoscope allows you to identify negative energies and to free yourself from tensions and destructive temperaments. Aztec Astrology is associated with the twelve months of the year, but in truth there are 20, each sign being valid for one day. The Aztec horoscope joins a deity and corresponds to a number and a colour. For more information, please visit the corresponding website: What are the Aztec signs? Egyptian astrology is made up of twelve signs. Each sign corresponds to a deity. Each deity provides a dominant character. This influence of the Egyptian deity has an impact on the character of his fellow human beings. Celtic astrology stems from terrestrial activity. The equinox and the solstice are part of the cycle of life. Tibetan astrology is made up of twelve signs. This practice is based on the previous way of life of the forefathers. Hindu astrology comes from two different civilizations: the astrology of the Puranas ("Jyoti") and Greek astrology. What makes the difference with other astrologies is that negative energies are radically transformed into positive ones. In Hinduism, tensions are supposed to bring people closer together. No discord. A perpetual awakening of the spirit.


If you have noticed, the calculation method for each zodiac sign is based on the number twelve. Astrologers around the world have known the essence of this number for a generation. Astrology is global. The four cardinal points are linked to the effects of the star and the planetary movement. To discover your specificity, your nature, your loves, your professional future, do not hesitate to ask for the intervention of renowned astrologers, otherwise you can also make an online consultation free of charge. It is possible to live a harmonious life under the benevolence of nature, flowers and trees, druids, Egyptian deities, the cycles of the moon and the Earth,...
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