Celtic astrology

Before the birth of Christianity, Celtic civilisation flourished and with it Celtic astrology. Created around 1000 BC, Celtic astrology was practised by the Druids. Today, the Druids are considered to be a type of ancient Celtic hippie, but they were actually the philosophers, priests, scientists and poets of the Celts. Their studies began in childhood and lasted until they were twenty years old.

What is Celtic astrology?

Celtic tree astrology is based on the old idea that the timing of our births is essential to the formation of our personality and behaviour. The spiritually aware Celts, especially the Druids, were expert observers. Over time, they recognised that a child born in a certain season would develop certain qualities. In addition, the Druids observed patterns in the colour and shape of a person's life according to the movements of the moon (their calendar being based on a lunar year) and the season in which we were born. The Celtic tree astrology system was developed from a natural link with the Druid's knowledge of the cycles of the Earth and their respect for the sacred knowledge held by trees. As mentioned on my page Celtic Significance of Trees, the Druids had a deep connection with trees and believed that they were vessels of infinite wisdom. By advancing this concept, we can relate the resemblance and personality of trees to our own human nature. In doing so, we gather an inspired insight and clarity about who we are.

The importance of the signs of Celtic astrology

The Celts considered that the animal world was closely linked to their destiny, especially their future. Animals were thought to have specific qualities and characteristics. Over time, these qualities and characteristics evolved into Celtic specific meanings associated with each type of animal. The Celts observed animals and human behaviour, noting a correlation between the meanings of Celtic animals and the signs of the Celtic zodiac. Each Celtic zodiac sign was assigned a corresponding Celtic animal sign. The Celtic animal sign is an extension of your Celtic zodiac sign. The meaning and symbols of your Celtic animal sign help to better understand your personality and behaviour.

Interpretations of Celtic zodiac animal signs

Here are some examples of Celtic astrological signs The green dragon is a symbol of spiritual growth. An animal of the elements, it is quite powerful and has to be careful whether it is used for good or for evil. The seahorse is associated with all the mystical qualities of the element water. It is able to change at will to adapt to its environment, showing great flexibility and ingenuity. The animal sign of the Celtic falcon is very aware of its environment and remains attentive to any sudden change. Whenever it sees something it wants, it pursues it. The Celtic animal zodiac sign of the sea serpent is a symbol of growth and regeneration. It unites people and offers excellent healing to those in need. The fox is cunning, crafty and wise. He is very intelligent and quite skilful in business. This Celtic animal sign leads a life of great adventure. The Celtic animal zodiac sign of the white horse is pure, spiritual and divine. Filled with strength and endurance, he is caring and helpful. The animal sign white swan is very graceful and full of strength. Known for his faithfulness and longevity, he is a faithful lover and long time friend. The White Swan has the ability to transform the world around it and to reorganize it according to its desires.
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