A Brief Introduction of Modern Astrology

Do you know what your astrological symbol is? Almost everybody knows what their respective astrological symbols – or more popularly known as “zodiac signs” – are. Astrology is considered as one of the oldest sciences throughout the period of human history. For those who do really understand what astrology really is, this is like a crash course of astrology 101. Astrology is the belief that the position of the celestial bodies during the exact time of an individual’s birth is an indicator of what kind of personality that individual would have. It can also determine the things that more likely will occur during the individual’s life. During the ancient times, astrology was considered as part of science and medicine. As a matter of fact, it was used by doctors during the ancient times as part of their physical diagnostic examination. These days, it is deemed as a harmless club conversation or as a pastime by most people. Most of us probably have known that astrology is considered as one of the oldest sciences of man. As a matter of fact, there are records of astrological antiquity that originated in the early Babylonian period. In other civilizations such as the Egyptians and Greek civilizations, they have developed several methods that are able to tell the time and date. Ever since man started to observe and track the occurrences that have been happening, man was able to reflect his own relationship to the celestial bodies and the things around him. Astrology has helped paved the way for man in order to find his place in the universe. And with that, man was able to develop his own self, thereby becoming greater than themselves. Man learned that it is not something that he must take over and control but rather to contemplate and understand it. However, because of the innovations and advancements that man has achieved, the credibility of astrology has gradually diminished. Modern man view astrology as “new age” and not in the same level as “astrophysics” or “chemistry”. On the other hand, modern man has noted the achievements made by several famous and world renowned astronomers of history. Astronomers like Galileo and Copernicus contributed greatly to the knowledge of today’s celestial bodies. The advancement and innovations of numerous quantitative sciences, the influence and position of astrology is gradually disappearing, although it enjoyed a brief boost during the birth of “Prince Margaret” of England during the 1930s. Astrology enjoyed a brief boost when the “London Sunday Express” ran the newly-born princess’ astrological profile. The said event started what regularly seen in newspapers these days as the “modern daily horoscope”.
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