Astrology and nature: which plant best suits your sign?

In general, when it comes to astrology, it is not only the movements and positions of celestial bodies that contribute to the prediction of your future or simply to the discovery of your personality. There are other elements to be taken into account, elements which act on and influence your personality. These elements are called fetish or lucky elements. To find out more about its so-called lucky elements follow the following paragraphs of this article.

At each sign of the fetish plants

The twelve signs of the horoscope act under various influences of celestial bodies such as the planets, stars, moon, sun and many others in order to establish and estimate a person's personality. However, this prediction is not only based on the influence of the celestial bodies, but also on other so-called lucky elements such as plants, colour, number and many others. For this article we will especially study the fetish plant or lucky plant. In principle everyone has their own lucky plant, these plants have a very distinct meaning depending on your sign, i.e. the plants are specially assigned to each sign. For more details, we will see in the following paragraph the different plants that are considered to be fetish plants for each sign.

The plants concerned

As we all know the prediction of astrology confirms to a detail close to the part of our personality. For this purpose, each sign requires a special plant that reflects the personality of each individual. These plants most often correspond to the description of the person concerned according to his or her astrological sign. These plants play an important role in the belief of the predictions assumed by the signs, generally they are good luck or fetish plants, i.e. they bring positive virtues which reinforce the predictions of your sign. There are several plants, most often they are aromatic plants, for example: mint, often known for its soothing and strengthening characteristics of our nervous system; there is also chamomile which is known for its relaxing nature and many others. Note that its plants can also be flowers such as laurel, jasmine, orchid which are also known for their symbol of inspiration; of love and perfection. Below are a few examples of plants that are associated with each astrological sign.

Discover your favourite plant

To give you an overview of the plants for each sign, here are a few examples. Please note that each plant is said to reflect the predictions and characteristics of the person concerned in principle, however, it is up to you to believe or not to believe in them. Start with the first sign of astrology to illustrate the fetish plants. We therefore speak of the astrological sign of Aries, especially for those born between March 21st and April 21st. People born from these dates, i.e. with the astrological sign of Aries, are impulsive people who generally act before thinking. They are beings who hold a great proof of imagination. Their fetish plants are mint and laurel, gifts if you are among this sign plant mints and laurels to make your prediction positive. Seeing, for example, the astrological sign of cancer for those born between June 22nd and July 22nd, these people are often the most sensitive and considered to be the most loyal. Their lucky plants are passionflower and chamomile, both of which have soothing and calming virtues. So if you want to know and discover your favourite plant, don't wait any longer to consult your astrologer.
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