The Guardian Angel

Are the Guardian Angels myths? Who are they? Can we talk to them? Do we all have a Guardian Angel who protects us in life? How many are there? Guardian Angels have been known since the very existence of religions, Angels are mentioned in almost all religions. Is it a coincidence? The Angels of the Kabbalah have been known since antiquity and number 72. Why 72? Quite simply because there are 6 Guardian Angels per zodiac sign. 6 x 12 = 72. They protect us, possess extraordinary powers and are able to help us in certain moments of our life according to their powers which vary according to the Angels. You can get in touch with them in order to enjoy their benefits. There are prayers to the Angels that you can consult on "contact clairvoyance", but the best prayer will be the one that comes out of your heart and above all, never forget to thank them when your wish comes true, it is very important. You can also contact your Guardian Angel when you don't need him to increase the communication between you and your Angel. There are days and hours of regency that allow for more effective communication. In the list of Guardian Angels, you will find these regency hours so that you can address your prayers or thanks to your Guardian Angel live. But before you start, the first step is to find out who your Guardian Angel is! To find out the name of your Guardian Angel, visit for example and click on your zodiac sign according to the dates indicated on the signs. You will then find the 6 Angels that make up a zodiac sign. You will then be able to define who your Guardian Angel is.

The definition of the Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel has two meanings in the French language.

Sense 1

Spirit protecting from evil. This guardian angel expression comes from the Bible in which protective beings would be present to serve God's chosen ones. In popular parlance, it has been democratised by describing a benevolent person, "guardian angel" is used very frequently.

Sense 2

Protector or benefactor of another person.

How do we know if our Guardian Angel wishes to contact us?

The Guardian Angels try to communicate with us by various means, each as subtle as the next. They appeal to our senses, taste, smell, hearing and our 6th sense if it is developed! These moments when you will feel the presence of an Angel is the best time to talk to him. Taste: It is possible that you will feel a sweet taste in your mouth at a key moment. Smell: You may feel a subtle sweet perfume during your day in a place where there is no reason to have one. Hearing: A vibration can be felt and is perhaps the manifestation of the presence of an Angel. The touch : Most often the presence of an Angel is manifested by goose bumps. The 6th sense: For the most sensitive people it is possible to perceive the vibrations of the presence of a Guardian Angel.
Angels in the Kabbalah
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