The principles of hourly astrology and genealogical astrology

Hourly astrology and genealogical astrology are well-known concepts in the field of astrology. However, these two notions each have their own particularity and their role in the implementation of a prediction or a deity. For more details on these two notions, this article is precisely concocted to help you discover the mysteries around astrology.

Hourly Astrology and Genetic Astrology

Hourly astrology and genealogical astrology having already been mentioned above are two well-known notions in the field of astrology. Talking about hourly astrology is like talking about time, which is a basis for the predictions made by astrologers; in other words, to be able to predict your future you must start from the basis, i.e. the precise time or moment of your consultation to serve as a natal chart. This mode of prediction is of Mesopotamian origin. It is based on the same principles as hourly astrology, but the latter is accompanied by the influence of the sun; while hourly astrology is based on the influence of the planets. For more in-depth details, don't miss the following paragraphs.

Complementary concepts

As mentioned above, the concepts of hourly astrology and genethic astrology are based on the same rules but each has its own particularity. For hourly astrology, in principle its use does not necessarily require the knowledge of date or time of birth to predict your future, the astrologer can rely on the precise moment, i.e. the moment you consult him or her. Whereas in the case of genethic astrology, which uses the present moment of your consultation with the astrologer, the position of the sun is used as the main actor in predicting your future. It should be noted that hourly astrology is based on predictions of the planets and therefore relies on the influence of the moon. It should be stressed that the reading of predictions from these two modes of astrology is complementary because one cannot be affirmed without the other, i.e. the interpretation of the natal chart is derived from and based on the positions of the planets. Nowadays, prediction methods have evolved a lot. To learn more about this evolution, do not miss the rest of this article.

The evolution of hourly and genethic astrology

As the study of astrology is an evolving science, astrologers have made breakthroughs and expanded their research. This research has led to changes in prediction as society and science has evolved. It should be noted that most astrologers adopt traditional principles to keep originality in the prediction profession while using practical methods to facilitate their work. Among these methods, there is a software containing a questionnaire necessary to discover your personality : questions about love; marriage; career; finance and many others. In short, the questions asked are intimately and closely related to your person. It should be noted that among these questions there are superficial or other questions. As far as your role is concerned, you should answer the questions as clearly and precisely as possible. During your consultation, you must let go, let yourself go and confide everything about yourself to allow your astrologer to predict your future. To facilitate your consultation you can adopt means which allow you to answer the questionnaires without constraint, for example if you are unable to express yourself in dialogue with your astrologer, do not hesitate to put all your answers in writing. This way you will now know a few essentials about the concept of astrology, more precisely about the concepts of hourly and genethic astrology, which will enrich your knowledge.
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