What is Druidic astrology?

Druidic astrology is the science of the stars by the druids. In the past, the druids were the most recommended to determine your temperaments, your future: par excellence, clairvoyance via sacred trees and the seasons. Depending on your date of birth, discover your character traits. How does it work?

How does it work?

Druidic astrology is based on thirteen mainly sacred trees. Each astro sign confers to a tree. The character traits of an individual are thus defined according to his date of birth, his astrological sign corresponding to his sacred tree. For example, birch for those born between December 23rd and January 21st; hawthorn for those born between May 13th and June 9th; hazelnut for birthdays between August 5th and September 1st,...Please note that all dates are associated with a tree. Here we will see some particularities. The birch tree (from December 23rd to January 21st) embodies the precision in these habits. As a general rule, people born between these dates are persevering and strong. More or less solitary, the birch tree is at ease when working alone. They are ambitious and work hard to take pride in their work. As far as feelings are concerned, the birch tree has a great sense of self-control. On the heart side, he is a loyal partner who honours the value of the couple and the essence of the promise. The rowan tree (from January 22nd to February 15th) favours optimism: great sensitivity to the history of humanity. The rowan tree personifies a radiant yet vulnerable nature. On the work side, it has a sense of team spirit. Always in search of peace, it spares any discord or misunderstanding. The rowan tree native is easy to live with. He is everybody's friend. On a sentimental level, the rowan tree is affectionate, creative and optimistic. Because of this optimistic nature, it is possible that the rowan tree is capricious and sometimes lacks maturity. The ash tree (from February 16 to March 17) is very artistic. They express their emotions and feelings through art. To get into their game, you have to get used to knowing them, live with them and share their world. Melancholic, the ash tree is wary of love. For fear of being disappointed or of disappointing the other: the ash tree does not commit itself. However, in case of distress, the ash tree goes towards the one who is present and the one who comforts him. The alder (from 18 March to 14 April) is enthusiastic, sincere and very determined. Perceptive in every detail, the alder aims for the maximum amount of information. This makes him confused in his work and through his emotions. On the heart side, the alder native either gives his all or does not commit himself. For him, there is no middle ground. Good to know, the alder is addicted to people who make it capsize.

Other druidic signs

Let's see what happens next: The willow tree (from 15 April to 12 May) is enjoying life. Being jovial by nature, the willow is less preoccupied with the difficulties of life. On the heart side, a willow in love is more settled than ever. Possessive and jealous like no other, the willow native doesn't get too excited about the question of legs in the air, then the next day, we never knew each other. The hawthorn, born between 13 May and 09 June, is very creative and rebellious. To lead a group or a company, the hawthorn knows how it works! She was born to be a leader. On the sentimental side, she finds it difficult to submit. Very unfaithful, the hawthorn prefers to flirt. It is not the kind of person to live a serious relationship. But rather a life of passion that is renewed day by day. The oak tree symbolises ambition and success. Listening, harmonious and selfless love, the oak has a leading spirit. On the heart side, oak is less demonstrative. At first sight, it hides its feelings, since love reveals its true nature. The holly (from 8 July to 4 August) has a devoted narcissistic side. It rests on itself and tends to minimise others. On the appearance side, it is very neat. On the heart side, the holly does not get attached to someone who likes to lead, thinks too much, or leads the game. It is more affectionate to a healthy, no-nonsense relationship. The holly never reveals its weak points and is always upright except to the one it loves. The native of holly exudes a positive vibration but when he is angry, the atmosphere is tedious or even unbearable.


We all know a person of these signs. However, the results are not necessarily complete. Of course, other astrological signs remain unnoticed.
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